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Chelsea Brothers Barber Shop

New York, New York

A barbershop is a place where people can come together and help define a community. Where men come together without fussiness to make themselves look and feel better. When asked to completely re-design a barbershop I wanted to take the history of New York City and blend it with a neighborhood that defined the New York City man. Chelsea Brothers Barbershop was born.


Using concepts of old New York mixed with modern design and a touch of Tim Burton style, my team and I went wild. Handcrafted personalized retro barbershop posters would create a wave of excitement. Up one wall and across the ceiling with a black background to pop everything forward. A red filtered light running from front to back represents the blood of the barbershop pole. Dark wood floors, red brick storefront and a classic black-and-white striped awning were the perfect fusion and a visual statement to hit Chelsea like never before. Customer’s stepped into an experience for the perfect haircut.


Design Concept:

Stephen Lincoln

Logo , Business Card & Poster Design:
Brad Ouellette Designs


Design Dog Groomer

Downtown Doghouse

New York, New York

The first job I ever wanted was to be a veterinarian because I love animals and all the joy that comes with them. The fact that I'm a horrible reader and cannot do math for the life of me proved that would not be the best route.


At the beginning, redefining the concept of a downtown nyc grooming shop into a clean urban brand was such a rewarding accomplishment. Now, the rotation of this Visual display is a fun challenge a few times a month. Playing with toys and props and being able to have my dogs groomed while I do it, is pure joy. I like doing it more often than my dogs need to get groomed.


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