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United Colors of Benetton was the first international company that ignited my visual eye and let me push all limits. Back in the day no one had ever seen such a blend of every color of fabric with every skin color possible. This set the stage for all of my future work.  I reimagined stores from front to back and created window display's that defined a brand and a generation. Current events, holidays, defining styles of the 80’s, future fashion concepts, Italy meets America were all at my fingertips on a daily basis. Whether I was duct taping hangers together to create suspended Christmas wreath's made of sweaters or merchandising an entire store verbatim from what I saw in the September issue of VOUGE, Benetton was my canvas for unlimited creativity.

How could I not take all of my visual energy in fashion to the stage? During my days with Benetton I had to push limits and create interactive live fashion shows. It was the next step! Local fashion shows in the mall's soon turned in to taking them on the road to the nightclub scene. At 1 AM a jewel box of color, choreography and creativity would ignite on the stages of the San Francisco night club scene. Z gallery, Cavalli, Peachy Puff Girls, Architects & Heroes and many others used Stephen Charles Productions to have a full-scale fashion extravaganza presented for their brand. Back in the day before cell phones, Instagram and Facebook posts Stephen Charles Productions brought to brands to the stage and promoted creativity and individuality. We even did full-scale choreography with the National Cosmetology Association with hair and make-up tradeshows. Performing in North Beach at the Italian festival with Benetton was one of the many highlights. Stephen Charles Productions traveled from Alaska, to Tampa Florida and everywhere in between.

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