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Stephen Charles Lincoln

The Man Behind the Madness

My career started at a small local Bay Area coffee shop San Francisco Coffee & Tea, which pushed me to explore visual creativity in the world of coffee and all the contraptions that go into the perfect cup of joe. That soon became a visual career with United Colors of Benetton in the late 80’s early 90’s. Nothing was more vibrant or controversial in that day! That edge lead me to corporate GAP, where “Elements Of Style” was created. My seasonal paper photo guide which was quickly sent nationally to be implemented in all stores. Seeing that my visual eye could travel, I had to travel too. To New York City! 

Exploring all facets of my passions I was able to bring my visual eye into the fitness world. Helping to create fitness studios at David Barton Gym's that look like no other. Candle wall yoga rooms, invisable equipment closets and edgy studio design complementary to the fitness brand which mixed club kid coolness with body changing training.


All of this while creating The Protein Bakery, which has pushed my eye in every possible direction. From packaging and product design, to the website, to the Sweet Spot Shop, to the studio and media test kitchen. Even my home is a visual trip. A kitchen straight out of the rich culture London, a Tom Of Finland inspired meditation room, a floor to ceiling Madonna shrine closet and a classic mans bedroom sanctuary that overlooks the Empire State Building and all of Chelsea.

My team and myself will always be dedicated to adding my twist on any clients vision and executing it full out! My greatest skill is my collaboration skills that will produce the best possible result. Professionalism. Culture. Respect. Indulge in the madness of all design with MADLINCOLN!

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